Stashbusting Weeks 20-24…..May 10 thru June 13


Where oh where does the time go.

I have nothing to report………….in the last 5 weeks, I have done nothing for myself.  But the good thing is….I haven’t purchased anything………it would be so great to have a day to go shopping at a quilt shop………I’m sure there are new fabrics to feel,     patterns to explore,  a new tool to try.   Life will slow down and back to normal soon I hope.

Net used for the year is still sitting at                       9.8 yards.

I hope to move my numbers during this coming week.


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One Response to Stashbusting Weeks 20-24…..May 10 thru June 13

  1. Mary-Kay C. says:

    Don’t do it! Stay out of the quilt shop especially if you haven’t been there for a while. Or leave all your cash, cards and cheques at home.Bad things happen when it’s been a while. You purchases out of control. All the new stuff temps you. Your stash numbers get even lower and all of us will know that you went to the quilt shop.

    Mary Kay……..I know I’ll be on my best behavior…..although I do have a gift certificate to use. My daughter moves into her apartment soon and there will be deposits, rent etc………so I’ll have to show alot of restrant in the shopping department for awhile. Thank you for the comment.


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