Wednesday Whine!!!!!!!!!

I’m usually not a complainer………..I just don’t get why people want to go on and on about some issue that usually makes no difference to the person who has to listem!!    But today, I have been literally pulled to the end of my rope with just abunch a little things that went wrong or didn’t go as they were supposed to.      


So in celebration of the fact that we all can’t have our days go as we like, I’m designating Wednesday of each week…..the whine and complain day.    So every Wednesday we can post here whatever little tidbit is bothering us.    Now we won’t solve any world problems, but if we can make ourselves feel abit better by getting if off out chest…..that will be just fine.    So here’s my list of Wednesday Whines……hold on.


1) Specking of getting things off my chest…………my underwire broke!!!!

2)   It takes 25 minutes to make 7 minute frosting.

3)     Something broke in the door of my vehicle today… I had to crawl over to the passenger side to get out……..tommorrow I have to crawl back in the same way to drive it to the repair shop……..good thing I could get it in right away to get it fixed.

4)    My sheets shredded in the washer today……….they weren’t that old…….but there is a good side to this……..I get to sleep in fresh new cotton sheets tonight,  I think I’ll go shave my legs so they will feel even better…..I’ll try not to cut myself shaving.

5)   The mosquitoes at so bad here you can’t stand to be outside unless there is a 25 mile an hour wind……these are hybrid killer mosquitoes that can carry you away.

6)   We are in the process of moving my 80 year old father off the farm into town……..we don’t need to say anything more about dealing with an elderly parent……..



So what do you have to whine about??????   I’d like to hear what things have gone wrong in your life!!!!


Oh yeah………… more……..the county fair started today…………does anyone want to place bets on how much it will cost me this week for rides, games and whatelse,,,,,keep in mind he’s 11 and all boy?????


later……….Mrs. Whiner

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5 Responses to Wednesday Whine!!!!!!!!!

  1. taylorsoutback says:

    Just wrapping up the day and read your list of frustrations – so funny & I bet everyone will be able to empathize with you! This week is going fairly smooth for me, personally…but if you had asked LAST week…well…
    I think you may be on to something though – designate a day in the week to just unload what really frosts our cookies!
    Thanks for the post and wishing you a much better ending to the week.

  2. Chris D says:

    Here is to a great Thursday!

  3. Jan says:

    LOL Thanks!! I was just whining left and right yesterday. Good to see I was in excellent company!! Here’s to a Terrific Thursday!!! Forget the fact that the dog just threw up the chair he ate last night all over my carpet at 5 am…… it’s going to be terrific! I can feel it in my bones! LOL

  4. I’m reading this on Friday so I will not whine here. 😉 I’ve already whined on my own blog post today. The day can only get better from here.

    Hope the fair is fun and not costly. When we take the grands, we say it is only for looking and eating. No rides. We love the animals, quilts, and the vendors. There is so many things to see and if they want to ride, their parents can take them for that. 🙂

  5. lynn says:

    I have been having a lovely time, browsing through your wonderful blog. I just had to comment at your Wednesday Whine — too funny! 7-minute frosting that takes 25 minutes — ha! Like those magazine articles that promise dinner on the table in 30 minutes. And when we try it in real life, it takes about 90 🙂

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