“I have a report” she said with a smile on her face and a glisen in her eye.    Life has been very busy for this struggling stashbusting participant.   Many a night she has laid awake wondering “Will I ever visit another quilt shop or at least find the time to bond with my  sewing machine.     Last week God answered her prayers, not only was she able to visit a quilt shop, but she purchased.     Now she thought long and hard about the struggles with in……should she add….shouldn’t she add……but the pressure was to great…..she had to give into the ever so beckoning desire to purchase fabric.     It was all so beautiful…..the bolts and bolts of cotton all lined up in rows, all coordinated with each other, rack after rack….how was a woman to resist……the carress of the fabric against her fingers.    She could no longer control herself, in a frenzy she tossed the perfectly chosen bolt on the counter and said,  “two  and a half yards please”.


Now as to not let the guilt burden her, she immediately rushed home to her beloved sewing machine…..would it even turn on after months of being ignored…….would it ever forgive her for the months of neglect.  Gently she brushed the lint from the bobbin case, replaced the wore needle, pressed all the right buttons that makes this baby purr like a kitten.   At last the motor hummed away as she sewed the most perfect quarter inch seam.   She sewed all afternoon, she had to relieve the guilt of the purchase of this fabric that called her name ever so gently.   She nearly completed the project at hand before the reality of what she had done set  in ………………………………………..


plus her family came home there by destroying any hope of using up all the purchases made.    She ended the week coming up a bit short ….only two yards was able to be used from the guilt laden trip… as she hangs her head in shame, she vows to use that remaining half yard next week……
















later………..the saga continues


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One Response to Stashbusting

  1. Lynne in Hawaii says:

    Great presentation! You almost completed the task before being rudely interupted by life. Way to go!

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