It’s all mine!!!!

When you live in a home with your family, everything seems to be community property.    You share all the space with the members of household.     I do have my business room that holds my longarm quilt machine.



My home was built with this room in mind.    It got the preferred spot when the floor plan was being put together…..even though this room is all mine……I don’t count this as my space because of  the business use this room has.



Anyway,  a few months back Thing 1 (my daughter) ran away from home….ok…..she left to go on with her life along with a major chunk of change for rent and furniture……..but……..its what she left behind that is now mine.     I’ll keep her bedroom intact so anytime she comes home there is a bed for her to sleep in……………..but what she doesn’t get to keep is the closet…………..its all mine!!!!





Some of her stuff is still in here………but the old clothes and various pieces of stuff will be liberated in this room and what will be left is going to be my quilt storage room.     It’s big………it was planned this way cause I knew she wasn’t going to stay here forever and when she left I was going to claim this closet room as my own.      I’ve started on the tranformation of this room… will take some time but it will be worth it.




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One Response to It’s all mine!!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow – what a huge closet!! Your sewing room looks like a wonderful place to work.

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