Labor Day 2009

What Generation Are You!!!!


I’m a product of the 50’s.   When I was growing up in rural America, we didn’t pay much attention to what the world was doing around us    My parents owned there own business……Dad worked very hard,  Mom contributed along with doing all the domestic stuff that was expected at the time,  the children of this marriage were the hired help.    When we weren’t in school we worked doing what needed to be done for the day….what we needed to survive.    We worshiped and prayed together, shared our meals together……our lives revolved around each other.  


I’m searching my memory bank to remember if we ever took a vacation……………we didn’t…….the only holiday’s we celebrated were Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and New Years…..but even on those days of celebrating there was some work that needed to be taken care of and then we celebrated.  


Celebrating for us meant we went to Grandmas and Grandpas or they came to our home and a meal was prepared and shared.    Nothing was fancy, just good wholesome food prepared with our own hands…and most likely grown or raised by ourselves.    This was all we knew.


So are there things you just don’t understand in life?????    There sure are for me.    This holiday thing is tough for me………I can understand the holiday’s mentioned about, and other holidays of Memorial Day and July 4 I can agree with…………….but some of these holidays……Presidents Day, Martin Luthur King Day, and Labor Day………….I just don’t understand why they are needed…….


Granted years ago employers didn’t have the regard for there employees that they do today.   We as a nation have seen fit to make laws that assure we all work in safe environments,  we limit the week to 40 hours and then after that we are compesated for that extra hours…….the laws have been put in place so the worker is not taken advantage of…..and so I guess today is the reward for our country making sure our hired workers are not abused….but do we need a holiday for that.    Since for most of my life, I’ve worked for myself or DH  I just don’t understand this holiday……I guess I’m just to Republican!!!


So getting back to my generation thing…………being a 50’s gal…………I’ve seen alot of change over the years……….I’ve dressed up, dressed down, dressed for what ever the mood of the day was.    I’ve been thru the hippie thing, been thru the fashion statement thing………so what do I do now…..I dress for comfort.    I don’t under-dress or over-dress.        But with my dressing I do pay attention to a few basic rules….I chose my garments fitting for my sex.        I was blog surfing abit ago and I can across this lovely post.     Now I try to be reasonable in how I think but I just couldn’t understand why!!!    I’m glad there are those that can think outside the box????


So for the rest of labor day………I’m going to continue working……….


later…Mrs working woman who doesn’t get paid unless she works


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