About the log cabin.

Thank you all for the comments about the log cabin quilt.    This was made entirely from scraps.  Years ago I used to sew samples for a quilt shop owner and a pattern designer.   They provided all the fabric that was needed and there were always leftovers……sometimes only a few inches of each fabric, sometimes more.      I was piecing somewhere between  18-20 quilts of various sizes per year so the leftovers built up to a point where it was out of control…I did this for 4-5 years……What  should do with all this fabric???


So how did I get this mess all under control……..I sorted and arranged (including pressing) into quarter or half or yard cuts……yes sometimes there was over a yard of fabric left……..  and then there were those pieces less than a quarter yard………..what do I do with those.     So I started cutting those small pieces into strips.      I cut some into 2.5 inch strips and the rest into 1.75 inch strips.     I’m not sure why those two sizes were chosen.


So now I have all these strips…..I did a couple of years back give away my totes of 2.5 strips but I kept 1.75 and I have been on a mission since to use them up.     I don’t even add to them anymore……..the smaller chunks of fabric I now give away to the church for their charity projects.     So for the last two years I have been working (on and off) on using up these strips.  I know for a fact I have made 4 full size quilts or bigger from these strips…..the amazing thing is the totes don’t seem like they are getting any emptier………as God as my witness I will use up these strips one day.


If any of you could offer some suggestions on how to get rid of these faster…..I would love to hear from you.   All I have done is log cabin and courthouse steps quilts as those seem the easiest for me……if you know of any other quilt blocks that work well with 1.75 inch let me know.


Thank you again for all the wonderful comments.


later……….Mrs scrap quilt maker

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