Customer quilt and quilting design

This lovely quilt came off my machine today.     I’m not sure of the pattern as I was not told, I’m sure its from a book that is on the market now……

















I tried something new in the center…….I’m not a fan of basic puzzle piece meander and I try to avoid it whenever possible.     Lately I’ve been doing the basic meander and then going back over the design offsetting the second pass slightly and it gives the effect of a ribbon.   


Today,   I took this ribbon meander one step further.    I added a double leaf to a few of the spots that cross over the first line of stitching.    

In the first picture  on the left below,   you can see the basic meander done in black pen….P9140034







 the second picture on the right, I’ve added the ribbon work with the leaves added.   I didn’t add leaves on all the crossovers just  every third or fourth depending on the amount of space I had.  Please excuse my drawing ability as I can’t draw on paper…….but boy can I quilt!!!!


  This is a new to me design…….I don’t think I’ve seen it before but in case its out there already please let me know who did it first so I can give credit.     If I was fortunate to do it first, here’s your permission to use this all you want and you don’t have to give me credit, just enjoy it.    Its fast easy and very forgiving.


Just incase your tired of hearing about a quilting adventure……..I also bake bread……here’s breakfast tomm morning……..Cinnamon Bread.

P9140033 This is my Mother’s basic sweet bread dough recipe.    As you know I’m baking my way thru my mother’s recipe box.    Stay tuned for the recipe in a couple of days….I really like this method because the kneading in done in the bowl and the dough is so soft and easy to work with.    I made in in a loaf pan tonight in the interest of time as I’m running out of energy fast tonight.






later………Mrs baking quilter


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5 Responses to Customer quilt and quilting design

  1. lynn says:

    I can’t wait to read more about your mom’s sweet bread dough recipe. That’s the neatest thing, that you’re baking your way through her recipe box. You have inspired me! I made my first recipe the other day from the stack I inherited from my grandma. I think you have started a trend!

    • goldenneedle says:

      Lynn, I just took the lead from a movie………but if you look in the box you will see those are the recipes that we grew up with…….all were done the old fashioned way with no frozen bread dough or box mixes. I had another batch of dough made up today, but as it was second raise, all shaped and pretty in the pan…… of my killer headaches set in, so now they are in the refrigerator waiting to be baked……I might have to try another batch in a couple of days, I will have it by the weekend!!


  2. The cinnamon bread recips sounds DELISH! I am embarrased to say ~ I have NEVER made homemade bread! CAN YOU IMAGINE!
    I am going to make this when I get the recipe!

    • goldenneedle says:

      Kristin……I have another batch going today…..sometimes those old recipies use things that aren’t available…..Mom used a bakers yeast and that we can’t get anymore so I’ve have to play around with yeast that is available so I’ve had to do some experimenting to get it right….I think todays batch is turning out good….so far….I have my fingers crossed. Karen

  3. Lori in SD says:

    Oh, please share the recipe, I love to bake bread! I liked the ribbon meader with the leaves. Great idea!

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