Show the stash

Over at Patchwork Times, Judy has issued a challenge to get our stashes organized.     I’ve actually been working on that for four years….ever since we moved into our new home.  So we have until the end of this year of get our stuff together and organized.    Here’s the pictures of my pitiful stash,  works in progress, and various other sewing stuff from back when I sewed clothes (I haven’t sewed any clothes in 13 years….when my DD realized you could buy clothes in a store already more home sewed clothes for her)…..So I should just get rid of that part of my adventures!!!






You know I think I should just start

over and start with new fabric only buying what I need for the  current










So………Mission Impossible…………no just alot of time and maybe an investment in storage units.    


Let’s see….did my daughter run away from home this summer…..and there is a whole bedroom just waiting to be turned into quilt studio……oh the plans to be made!!!




later…………Mrs. Stash Organizer

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4 Responses to Show the stash

  1. Mary-Kay says:

    I didn’t even post pictures of that part. I don’t consider clothing fabric to be stash worthy. I’d like to get rid of it but I think some of it is my sister’s. She won’t miss it!

    • goldenneedle says:

      Mary Kay, I don’t consider it stash….its just stuff I need to deal with…..I’m planning on finally giving that stuff away…if I haven’t used it, I don’t need it!!!!!!! Karen

  2. mary says:

    You could try to start over but every quilt has leftovers and you’d just build it back up I bet. My goal is to at least use as much as I’m bringing in. My stash isn’t overwhelming but does have enough variety that I can make my scrap quilts from it.

    • goldenneedle says:

      Mary…..that’s were most of my stash came from….sewing quilts for a shop and a pattern designer….there was always leftovers that I got to keep… the stash is really unmatched fabric. It works great if I use 50 plus fabrics for a real scrappy look but sometimes that’s not the look I want. Stashes….either you love them or hate them… Karen

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