Week 43

Why is it that the older you get, the faster time flies.     I wish that life would just slow down a bit…..I get things done but just not as many as possible.


International Quilt Festival was amazing……….it was my first major show  and the quilts were amazing.  There were all styles and degrees of perfection.    I know now that I’m not sure I want to make a quilt just so it could hang in a show.   I make common ordinary quilts and the quilts at the show were not common and ordinary.     My favorite quilt was the Best of Show by Caryl Bryer FallertPA140043   I had a class with her the next day and the back story that she provided about the quilt was even more amazing than the quilt.   They say every quilt has a story and Caryl’s story is amazing.     Sometimes the quilts are all about life and discovering or rediscovering yourself.




In the shopping department…..I didn’t do to bad……..the Houston Festival is a buyers paradise.   Just about every quilting tool is there.     I thought about getting the Go Cutter……I just couldn’t quite talk myself into it……it is an amazing tool and the booth always had a lot of people around it….I guess that was the “tool of the year” at Festival.


I also took classes while I was there.    The teachers was awesome and I learned a bunch…..what was the best part for me, in the long arm department is…..I’ve been doing things right!!!    I have been basically self-taught when it comes to long arming……there are no local classes available and once the dealer leaves after set up…..its just all you.   The internet has been a valuable resource but nothing beats learning in person.    I hope to take in more classes in the future……research and development will be figured into my yearly must haves.


So how have I been doing in the stash department since last reporting.     I bought some at Houston…….those darn hand dyedsPA180063 get me every time….why can’t I resist them.



    But this week I did get some sewing done, a small project with just the top completedPA240071 ….I’ll be machine quilting it








this week….on my home machine with a tool to help in the process.     You know, I started out quilting everything on my domestic sewing machine and because I love the machine quilting so much….that’s when I decided to move up to the long arm…..but I still do little things on my home machine……just to see if I can do it.


Purchased since last report                                      6 yards

Used since last report                                              1.5 yards

Given away as a gift                                                   .5 yards


YTD   Purchases                                                      71.0 yards

YTD used                                                                 81.0 yards


Net Used YTD                                                          10 yards


I’m still in positive territory yet…this week I have a kit coming in that I ordered…..I seen it at Festival and it was just too good to pass up……of course…….its hand dyeds……….just to tough to resist.


This week I’m starting a long term project………a bunch of nine patches are going to be needed……..the project will all be from my stash so I will be reducing!!!!


later………..da Mrs.

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2 Responses to Week 43

  1. Mary-Kay says:

    I have loved to buy all those hand dyed fabrics. They look beautiful. Hold me back. If I had a longarm I don’t think that I would ever go back to my domestic machine.

    • goldenneedle says:

      In the real world of longarm ownership the quilts I make would all get done on it……..but I always seem to have on some one else’s quilt, so on my smaller things they can get done faster on the domestic…..helps to keep my humble!! Karen

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