Week 44

I just can’t believe how fast this year is going…….one day the years will slow down and I will start getting more constructive things done with my days.       My hand dyed kit didn’t arrive this week……so I don’t have to count it as stash…yet.     Today was my normal quilt shop pick and drop day…….do you know how hard it is to resist buying fabric when you are in a fabric shop…..really tough…..really tough.


One of the treasures that jumped into my shopping bag today was a very very gorgeous peace of cotton/silk blend sateen…….oh is it luscious…..the only tough part was deciding what color.  treeskirt    So I’m going to make a quilted tree skirt…I picked this to die for olive green….I’ve had the stencil for years so now its finally going to be used and I’ll have a tree skirt for Christmas that matches the living room.   So on my list for this week…..mark the fabric!!!!    So to the add column   plus 1.25 yards.





At quilt shop #3 (I got out of #2 with nothing,  thank God) there were some great looking blacks with gold metallic.blackgold …..I found a very cute pattern at Houston so what good is a pattern without fabric……I actually have a bunch left from another project so I can call part of this a stash project…..so to the add column…… plus 1.5 yards.



In the use column….9patch ..a whole lot of 9 patches are made……so I cut a  bunch of strips and started sewing…..usually I don’t count until the top is completed but for this project I’m going to count as I go……so for this project I have cut 4.5 yards…….I’m really mixed on whether or not to show the project.      I’m making it from a picture I seen……I haven’t purchased the pattern, heck I don’t even know the name of the quilt…..I’m just going to call it “A whole bunch of 9 patches”.



    How do you all feel about that?????   Am I violating a copyright by making a quilt without buying the pattern????    I know there will be a bunch of different opinions both for and against so tell me how you feel, your opinion will be greatly appreciated.


Purchased this week:                     2.75 yards

Purchased YTD:                              73.75 yards


Used this week:                              4.5 yards

Used YTD:                                       85.5 yards


Net Used for the year:                   11.25 yards


Mrs. Ninepatch Sewer.

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7 Responses to Week 44

  1. taylorsoutback says:

    Just found your blog and had to grin at your opening statement about someday the years will slow down…trust me, they never will! Now that I have officially reached Medicare age, my new found wisdom has hit me like a hammer – the days are really picking up speed and I get more and more behind. There will never be enough hours to make all the quilts in our heads or keep up with all the gorgeous fabrics that are being brought into the shops…but isn’t it just grand to keep trying?
    Have a great productive weekend.

  2. Krista says:

    I have done the same – created a quilt based on a picture, without buying the pattern. In my opinion, as long as you don’t take credit for the design, and (if possible) note where you found it, I don’t think it’s a violation of copyright. I’m sure someone will tell me I’m wrong about that.

  3. Kare in OH says:

    Wow, you sure have been busy! I am anxious to watch the progress of your 9-patch project, so keep us posted.

  4. Vicki W says:

    That Sateen is GORGEOUS!! Can’t wait to see your tree skirt.

  5. Mary-Kay says:

    Oh is there a copyright on 9-patches? I don’t think the quilt police are going to be after you.

  6. Lori in SD says:

    HAH! You’re opening statement is so funny! I don’t think like EVER slows down. Maybe we just get more selective on what’s important. Not housecleaning! For me it’s family and sewing!

  7. katie z. says:

    I don’t think taking inspiration from a picture is a violation of copyright. How many people have pictures of quilts on their computer for inspiration? At least, that’s my take.

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