How about a wednesday whine!!!!

At least I know what day of the week it is today… lets bring back the Wednesday whine, since I haven’t whined for a good spell I have alot of catching up to do


How come when you reach that magical age….lets say…..50 (its not a big deal for me)….at the end of the day you decide to take a hot bath to give your tired muscles a rest….this sounds like a good principle…the only problem……you break out in a sweat before the benefits of the hot water have helped your muscles……you have to finish with a cold shower to wash away the sweat.


As long as we are on the age thing……..Why did God give us hair?…..I’m so tired of having to cut, pluck, shave and wax.     Let’s not get me started on the coloring, highlighting and perming the stuff I want to keep!!!      Do you know if we were all bald,  the bald men in this world wouldn’t have to feel bad about not having any hair…..idenity crisis solved!!!!  Don’t get me started on the need to nip, tuck or lift!!!!


Why are there never any sharp knives in the house????   You know thats about the only domestic thing I ask my ever so wonderful DH to do but he still fails miserably at it!!!!


Do you know that I have meals I cook only when DH is gone on some hunting or fishing outing!!  When we were talking about what I cooked when I was gone, he said one of the things sounded great and why didn’t I make it when he was around…… I recall……last time I made that he informed me I didn’t have to make that again.


Did you know you can start a fire on a glass top cook stove……actually it looked pretty cool having the flame dance across the burner… went out all by itself with out setting off the smoke detectors….but then I’m glad they don’t put smoke detectors in the kitchen…mine would always be going off…….lets just say I burn things occassionally (ok its on a regular basis that I burn things)!!!!!


why does party C have to butt  their nose into the business of party A and B.    My theory…honey….take care of your own business instead of messing with mine!!


We bought a new lap top for my daughter… of those mini’s……just like the one Mom has…..but it wasn’t the same and my DD thought I should trade cause she liked mine better… we traded……if there are some things here in this post that should be capitalized, its not me…..its the laptop….that dang shift key is driving me nuts!!!!


Excuse me for a minute…I’m burning something…..I would not make it as a chef in a resturant…..he’d go broke having to toss all the food I burn.


Most of the time I don’t watch any TV…usually its off when I’m home alone, my family knows this…………when you come home and I have the TV on, there is a pretty good chance I’m watching something so just don’t switch channels without asking first…


We never lock our doors…..aleast with the new house I have keys and locks that work (in the old house I had locks but no keys)….so when I was home alone last week, I locked the doors so I would be safe in the event that someone tried to break in, in the middle of the night……and I got to thinking, I should lock the doors all the time at night…the way my DH sleeps it would take a major bomb going off right next to him to wake him up… protection for me there……..did he wake up when the smoke detector went off about two months ago (surprised you, not from my cooking) and it was only about 6 feet from his head……nooooooo he slept right thru it!!!   


Well the troops have arrived so I bid you good whine!!





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3 Responses to How about a wednesday whine!!!!

  1. Mary says:

    Been holding that in for a while? Good reading tho, thanks.

  2. Tamera says:

    Oh my goodness…that made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

  3. Lori in SD says:

    I loved the whine!! I’m with the bald men, I don’t want to DEAL with all those things. Men either shave it off, let it grow, or never had it anyway! And where are you combining those 900 acres. We declared ourselves DONE when we got tired of trying to do the waterholes that didn’t have any crop in them anyway! Only a few small spots. Decided the horses could clean up any corn that MIGHT be in one (not likely anything there).

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