Week 46

This is a 2 week report…….last week life just got in the way.    I still haven’t received the kit I ordered so I still don’t have to count it…..it was just so hard to walk away from Internaltional Quilt Festival without buying something so I’m going to blame it on festival…..I would bet it will be here next week.


Purchased in the last two weeks                    4.5 yards

Purchased YTD                                                   78.25 yards


Fabric used this week                                        1.75 yards


YTD Fabric used                                               88.25yards



Net Used fabric this year                             10 yards


I’m still ahead of the game for this year……….but keep in mind that pesky little kit that is coming in might just be enough to send me into negative territory.


I made some progress on the 9 patch project……..have alot a segments laying around waiting to be sewed in to patches…….I’ll be showing the project this week……I found out what the name of the pattern is but not the magazine it was in.


Did you know the Christmas season is approaching soon….I decorate in segments….here’s the blank slate I started with  camera10-06 074       



and added this week in the Nativity  Set…camera10-06 090



…I’ll be adding more this week.  Just to get me in the mood for Christmas…..I’m working on a quilt for a client that’s Christmas fabrics.camera10-06 091


camera10-06 095

Don’t you just love holly leaves…..they are just so easy and fast!!!


later…….Mrs. Up to her eyeballs in laundry

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4 Responses to Week 46

  1. Vicki W says:

    Oh Lord, decorating! I do less and less every year. I like it when it’s done, I just hate actually doing it! LOL!

    • goldenneedle says:

      Oh Vicky….I just put out some of the more genertic stuff, like flowers arrangements that are Christmasy but not overly done……no tree until a couple of weeks before Christmas. Most of my decorations are more generic in nature…….my living room all year around is green with burgandy accents……..so it sorta looks like Christmas all year long. Karen

  2. Lori in SD says:

    Congratulations on your numbers. And I LOVED your Whines!!!

  3. rosewillow says:

    I think you’re doing great with your stashbusting — and your decorating! I’m lucky that my daughter is young enough to think it’s great fun to set out all the decorations, so all I have to do is just supervise a little bit while someone else does the work! (I’m bad, I know) 😉 Take care, Dianne B. in England

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