Week 47

If you are here for the stash report….you can just go back and read last weeks report as I have nothing new to report.      This is a good thing or a bad thing…..it means I didn’t get that kit I ordered a few weeks back…….I want it to arrive so I can caress those beautiful fabrics.


I was messing in my studio last night when all the troops were gone off doing there own thing and I got ready for my Christmas countdown…….14 quilts to complete for others……….this number puts me in a happy place as I will have a Christmas after all.     This means I won’t have to be working my fingers to the bone trying to get everything accomplished that I need.   Just to give you an indication……..I’ve started my Christmas decoration…….but for me, some of the decorations were up all year……….that Christmas wreath on the door………..it spent the whole year there.   


later……….Mrs. Forgot to take down last years decorations

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4 Responses to Week 47

  1. Mary-Kay says:

    Did anyone comment on your wreath? Or is it one of those that doesn’t look like a Christmas decoration? That gives me ideas about year round decorations that aren’t really Christmassy but would pass and can be left up all year and then you’ll never have to put out decorations again. Personally, I’d rather sew than decorate.

    • goldenneedle says:

      Its poinsett1a with Christmas greenery and a big old bow…..the first time someone commented on it was yesterday……they thought I was doing good having Christmas decorations up already……I did confess that I didn’t take it down. Karen

  2. Howdy says:

    My oldest daughter tried several years to talk me into leaving the tree up and decorating it for different seasons through the year… I wouldn’t do it – but when she moved out she did it one year.

    I have used my Christmas Hollyberry Pfaltzgraff dishes a whole year without putting them back in the china hutch… just too lazy that year to switch them out. But I do like them so it was OK… LOL I usually swap them back out in February or March.

    Nice that you’ll have the ‘work’ done so that you can enjoy the holiday!

    • goldenneedle says:

      Well the Christmas season is so short, you have to get as much useage out of them as you can. I’m looking forward to a normal holiday season. Karen

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