Week 50

The kit I ordered finally came in….about 8.25 yards worth…..I’m not going to cut into it until after Christmas…..could this be my Christmas present to myself???  I think so.


Fabric used this week:                  None (although we did combine 900 acres of soybeans so I think that does make up

                                                                    for no sewing time…..)


Fabric purchased this week:         8.25 yards


Fabric purchased YTD                  86.50 yards


Fabric used YTD                          88.25 yards



Net used YTD                               1.75 yards


I’m still in positive territory…good thing for the first half of the year, that when I did the most sewing.   I’m not sure what events in my life changed that left me with no available time to sew in the second half of the year but I need to figure that out so it can be changed for next year.


Hopefully in the last week of the year I will move my used numbers up abit as I will be on vacation of client quilting…..finally some me time.


Later……Mrs. Just Barely Positive

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3 Responses to Week 50

  1. Kare in OH says:

    Approx how long does it take you to combine 900 acres? Did you do some of it at night too? You must be too exhausted to even think about busting stash!

  2. Tamera says:

    Glad you got your soybeans out. I live in North Dakota, and there are still guys with soybeans in the fields up here…along with corn and sunflowers.

  3. Penny says:

    Hey, positive is positive. I’d take it. Congrats. Sometimes life just seems to get in the way of quilting. Take it when you can and enjoy it then don’t worry about it when you can’t.

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