In a blink of an eye, the year is up……I would so like my life to slow down as its speeding right by me and I feel like I get nothing accomplished.      This week I purchased nothing…but I did receive 5 fat quarters as a present from my daughter for Christmas…….doesn’t she realize I’m trying to decrease not increase my stash.


So my final report for 2009..


Purchased acquired this week:                                     1.25 yards as a present

Used this week:                                                                      ZERO….again


Fabric acquired this year                                             87.75 yards


Fabric used this year                                                    88.25 yards


Net used                                                                                 .50 yards


I used a net of a half a yard…..I really thought I would do better than that……I started out  so promising filled with resolve to use up what I have here, resist the temptation to shop….I did do good on most occasions….but 2010 will be a better year……I can feel it in my bones.


later……Mrs. Not the stash buster

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3 Responses to 52

  1. Tamera says:

    Hey, you did good, I think. At least you’re not in the red!

    You WILL do better in 2010, and we’ll all be here to cheer you on!

  2. Liz says:

    I agree that you did a good job – heck – I was in the stashbuilding mode. But, 2010 will be a good year!

    Have a Happy New Year!


  3. Meloney says:

    You can do it, yes you can!!
    We can all work on it one step at a time.
    At least you are in the black. 🙂

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