Blue Moon

What a wonderful sight we will get to behold tonight, at precicely mindnight on the last day of 2009….a rare occurrence…..a blue moon.    By definition the “Blue Moon” is the second full moon during a given month.   Personally I think its fate that gave us the blue moon on the first day of the new year…..Here we are starting the new year, all full of hope, with renewed spirit and determination that we will overcome the obstacles of the past years…..a rebirth….rediscovery……time to start fresh.



I for one will be starting fresh this new year……my own rediscovery……now I won’t be inventing anything new……but I will get back to the path I was on before it was  interrupted 18 months ago by those who thought they were better, wiser or grander than everyone else…..


Along with this new rediscovery  I will be following the path that lead me to who I am……what I want to do will be my own choosing…..the sky is the limit and I will be reaching for it.


bluemoon So on this blue moon I  wish all to follow your path of rediscovery!!    Let’s not let the limitations of others guide our life…..set your own path.



Happy New Year.















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