Week 1–2010

Welcome to 2010 stashbusting efforts.     I did ok last year….I ended using 1/2 yard (yes your reading right, a lousy 1/2 yard) more than I purchased.     I was hoping to do better but sometimes those fabric stores just call my name…..Karen…..buy me….so this year I’m not going to listen to the voice of my wicked twin sister, I’m tired of her leading me astray.


Since I have not had a sewing day all to myself for quite awhile, I took one yesterday and I finished this top….its called “checkerboard”checkerboard ….it was orginally published in some magazine several years back (if anyone knows which magazine please share with me)…..this quilt used all stash……no new fabric was purchased for this quilt!!!!    I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it like this or if I’m going to add a couple of borders…..I’m going to leave it hang this week and look at it and decide from there.










So here’s my first report of the year


Fabric used this week                             1.25 yards


Fabric purchased this week                     NONE



Net fabric used                                                     1.25 yards


This quilt did use a total of 7 yards and if I add borders it will burn even more stash.


Later………Mrs. I promise to do better this year in the stash using efforts.

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11 Responses to Week 1–2010

  1. Vicky says:

    That’s a gorgeous quilt! Busted yardage and a finish to start the year! Good job!

  2. rosewillow says:

    Wow — that’s an amazing quilt! Are those all teeny-tiny pieces?

    • goldenneedle says:

      Actually the pieces aren’t to bad….the strips were cut 1.75 inches…but then everything was striped pieced so that makes life easier when working with little pieces. Karen

  3. Tamera says:

    Oh My Goodness! LOVE that quilt.

    It never ceases to amaze me that I LOVE scrap quilts SO MUCH, and YET, I LOVE two color quilts, lol. Can you GET any farther apart on the quilt spectrum, lol?

    Congrats on starting out in the black!

  4. knitnoid says:

    What a great quilt! Add another one to my list I’m want to make someday.

  5. justquiltin says:

    Great looking quilt! Love that background color.

  6. Lori in SD says:

    A quilt that makes my heart flutter!! Beautiful! And the blue moon post was very thought provoking. I too like the idea it’s bringing in a new and better year!

  7. goldenneedle says:

    Thank you for all the complements……I had this quilt hanging up the last couple of days…..and I kept saying……”It doesn’t look done”….so now I’m adding borders to make it look more finished.


  8. lori r says:

    I used a 1/2 yd also last year. Looks like you are starting out ok. I bought 4 yds already lol.

  9. GrandmaSoucie says:

    It’s really spectacular just like it is!!! The way I always determined if I wanted to add more blocks was whether or not it fit any bed in my house. If it did, it was finished! It’s just beautiful! Great Job!! In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie

  10. Lori in SD says:

    LOL–I had to come back and look at your quilt again, it reminds me of a pattern called Burgoyne (sp) surrounded. I absolutely love yours. I would put a blue border to match–not a wide one, just enough to frame the middle.

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