Welcome Sugar Pie Sista’s

Thank you for coming…I enjoy having you for a visit.

Today we are making Folded Tree Napkins for your holiday table.   These are fast, fun and will provide several years of holiday use.   You will need basic sewing skills to accomplish these.

Supplies needed:

1.25 yards each of two fabrics….I like to have these contrasting with one of them being green and another color like a red or gold.   I suggest 100% cotton as this is soft and absorbent.  A Polyester blend can be used as long as it is more that 50% cotton.  This will make 9 full circle napkins.

Matching thread plus a contrasting thread if you want to do any decorative work.

Sewing machine, scissors or rotary cutting tools.

1)   These are done in the round and are two sided.   I make mine out of a full circle but if you want to use a half circle finished that’s fine also.   I prefer the full circle as I use these as the napkin and I’m a slob when I eat (ok I clean up after my kids with my napkin and they are more of a slob than I am).   So now we need to make a circle.    Go looking in the kitchen for something round….about 14 inches…..14 inches was chosen because you can get three across the width of the 45” fabric.    Look for mixing bowls, lids of pots, platters.      If you would happen to have a circle maker you can use that.

2)       Take the lighter of the fabrics, working from the wrong side, lay your bowl or whatever on the fabric and with a pencil draw the circle on the fabric…..move the bowl around drawing circles until all the fabric is used.     Leave about 3/4” between the circles.   The marking line is the sewing line so we have to allow for seam allowances.

3)   After all circles are marked,   take the fabrics and match them right sides of the fabric together.   Using pins, put 4 or so pins thru both layers inside the circles close to the marked line.   Now you can do a rough cut cutting out the circles….remember the marked line will  be the sewing line.   Now we are ready to sew.

4)     Now at the sewing machine, sew around the circle just inside the drawn line, we want to leave an opening for turning, and we want to backtack at each end to secure the seams.   Leave the opening about 3 inches or so.

5)    We want to trim the seam allowance (remember we did rough cut first) to about 1/4 inch or so, any more will add bulk we don’t want.   take and turn the napkin right sides out and give it a good press…you want to have the seam be right on the edge of where the two fabrics meet.    On the opening we left, press so the raw edges are pressed to the inside, slip stitch this closed.

6)     Now at the machine again, topstitch close (1/8 inch) to the edge.    If you wanted you could use a decorative stitch on your machine with a decorative thread for an added embellishment.   Your done!!

7)     Now onto the folding into the tree.       Think in thirds here.   

   If you did the napkin round fold the napkin not quite in half.       

  Pick a spot that is about 2/3’s of the way across the folded edge mark with a pin……fold right side to the left up to the pin,

fold back onto it self from the left side to the right fold..

now take the left side and fold that under matching both folded edges…..refer to the pictures this is way easier to do than to explain.

And now your done.  Each one will take about 5 minutes or so…..Its tougher to explain than it is to do.

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