Week 8

This is actually a three week report, as I have been missing in action the last couple of weekends.     Sometimes my family insists that I have a life that’s not completely consumed with quilting.


The fabric I purchased is here…….I have managed to so some piecing…..girlquilt their are babies that are expected (not by me I’m to old for that) and I’m all out of baby quilts so I’m going to get the stash of baby quilts built back up so I’m ready on a moments notice.   Please disregard the rotten photography….soon I will have my photostand set up in a place where it won’t bother if its up all the time….plus I need to take a picture with something other than my cell phone, but its so easy to use it cause I can just email the picture to my home computer….but that’s another story.



This weeks report is as follows.


Fabric used this week              2.25 yards

YTD fabric used                     15.00 yards


Fabric purchased                     5.0 yards


YTD purchased                      11.75 yards




Net busted 2010                    3.25 yards.


I’m hoping to bust more this week.


later……Mrs. trying to bust fabric.

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