On the rise……..

Welcome everyone to our annual “creek is on the rise” event……This annual event is getting old in a hurry and i wish it would stop.    So for the next couple of weeks we will be in flood mode with our expected high water level on Wednesday……we hope…..the National Weather Service does there best to predict how high the water is going to go but as was said this morning at a meeting……”they don’t have a model that can be used to predict our part of the country”……duh…..so what they do is try to give there best guess as to what Mother Nature is going to throw at us.   Here’s last night012 ……..this looks rather calm and peaceful doesn’t it…..I live on the back side of a flood…..this is all backup water out of the river……..but as we have learned in the past this calm water can cause massive damage and a royal mess to clean up.





By Wednesday, I’ll have my own private island…..as roads will be  cut off by water…..you know I’ve always wanted my own private island…..I was just hoping it would be someplace warmer.  So I’ve got the supplies all ready so I don’t have to leave my home for awhile.


later all…..Mrs. In Full Flood Mode

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