Line in the sand

As some of you know….we are in our annual Spring flood……we have no gauge here to measure how much the water has risen….its all done visually based on the geography we have.   My DH last night decided to draw lines in the sandlinesandflood ……normally this is the road we take to town but right now its a bit deep….like 6 1/2 feet deep in some places and with the curves and all its not worth taking a chance driving thru it.

The good news is overnight it has gone down (crest #1) so we are breathing a sigh of relief over that… means we don’t have to pack up our shop, but we were ready if we needed to.

Todays picture looks much like yesterdays…signflood …but our phone line is real close to going under but isn’t that why they have call forwarding and cell phones for?


This morning, seeing how it crested in town, I went for a joyride to see how it was coming along on our next crest……water, water, water everywhere….this all has to flow through my back yard.   I was in my first flood 40 years ago when I was 11……this is all that remains of that farmsteadsec19 ……that bunch of trees right of the highline pole notice how its surrounded by water……that year the snowbanks were taller than the windows on our house…..bad bad year….it was 1969.  The water moves thru this section of land….breakout from the Rabbit River that is 2 miles south of this location.   Here you can see the water leaving the river channel.


So in a few days when this water finally moves to the main river we will have another crest…hopefully lower than the crest we had last night.

Why does my area flood……we have two rivers….the Bois De Souix River coming from the south and we have the Ottertail River coming from the east…breckwahbridge ….they meet here in the center of my town to form the Red River of the North.   The Red River is not your normal river…..most rivers in the US flow generally from North to South…….our Red River flows from South to North…..we just like to do things backward in this area…..


later…….Mrs. Breathing a Sigh of Relief

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