Izzy Alert!!

This little sweetheart came to live with us last week.     We weren’t planning on getting another dog, but when I seen this little lady I just had to have her.

168 2

Needless to say, changes have been made, its just like having a newborn in the house again, I did forget how much time pups take, but we are adjusting and soon life will be normal again.

200 A much needed nap was taken…..not the pup needing the nap….but the babysitter!!   Do you see the plaid shirt the pupsitter is wearing,  he’s always in plaid with snaps, no buttons for him!!!

356 2 an extremely rare moment when I’m sitting, if I’m awake, I’m moving.

312 2 


This is how fast she moves!!

177 2

later…..da’ new mama

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2 Responses to Izzy Alert!!

  1. Margaret says:

    Love your new bulldog! That is my favorite kind of dog. Have fun with him. I am enjoying my cat, Mandu.

  2. myolivebranch says:

    LOVE it!

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